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Target Radios is an international radio network. With affiliated stations in several countries, it is heard by millions of people worldwide.

Using world's latest technology, and with a wide musical programming based on the best of music, the network has been in the entertainment business since 2006.

Currently, there are programs of the network being hosted and broadcasted in three languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese, that associated with the large number of affiliated stations of the network, provides one of the biggest audience across the planet.

Through its website,, the International network Target Radios serves as reference to the world. Specialized in music charts, the website is visited daily by millions of fans, media, artists, media professionals, entrepreneurs and corporations of the music industry, and many others. Besides music charts, the website provides a vast multimedia content, including news from music, fashion and entertainment, major music releases, videos, programs of the international network Target Radios and more.

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